As a continuation of my post last June, a complement to understand the distribution and function segments of the Spanish employment in the health sector we are going to use different data.  Data from the past 15 years of our executive search professional experience in EuroGalenus, in recruiting senior executives for our clients.

Pharmaceutical companies


Hospital products and devices








The positions of General Manager and similar in Spain represent a 11% of the total and point two tendencies: an increase of territorial responsibility, including Portugal or other countries to become Iberia or South Europe. Another tendency is the reduction of competences of the Country Manager,  losing areas like Manufacturing, R&D, Logistics or Clinical Research, with regional or HQ reporting or external outsourcing companies.

All the technical positions represent a third of the total and they are in clear ascent. Medical Affairs, Clinical Research, Market Access, Business Intelligence, Regulatory Affairs or Pharmacoeconomics are some frequent ones.

Another interesting information of this study is that, although the Pharmaceutical Industry is the biggest industrial employer, is not the only one. It has demanded a 41% of all the missions undertaken,  complemented with another 12% of the segment without prescription: OTC/EFP, that includes Cosmetics, Nutrition, Toiletries and related.

Hospital Product companies and Medical Devices meant a 20% of the total in the period and those of Biotechnology/Diagnostics – in clear ascent a further 14%. Biotech and Diagnostics share some characteristics: high scientific contents, specialists target and Hospital or Lab environment. However, we must bear in mind that some Diagnostic products are not obtained through Biotechnology and also that many Biotechnology products are not designed for the Diagnostics market.

The current growth of the recruitment within the Health and Science Industries is taking place in the Services companies. Those that develop activities that the manufacturing companies used to perform previously in-house, like Marketing/Advertising, Market Research/Business Intelligence, PR/Communications, Editorial/CRM, Events, Human Resources and even Sales.