Blog Day 2009
BlogDay is the day created for bloggers to know other bloggers in different  areas and geographies: August 31st. 

We will recommend 5 new blogs, preferably from different worlds: to welcome new discussions on new topics, but with the basic criteria of bringing original contents and quality.  It is an invitation to discover interesting blogs and authors outside from everybody’s usual subjects.

Here is my personal selection:

ScienceRoll:  Bertalan Meskó is a medical student at the University of Debrecen and -among several activities- is a medical blogger and a manager of medical projects in Wikipedia.

Blogger’s Bulletin:  about tips and ideas for other bloggers and has a link to the LinkedIn group The Blog Zone.

Fogonazos is a blog in Spanish from the journalist Antonio Martínez (Aberron) on the curious and amazing world of Science.

Yoriento: Alfonso Alcántara runs one of the most respected blogs about coaching, HR 2.0, applied psychology and related topics in Spanish. Yoriento is ranked #1 in Carlos Martí Trompazos compilation of HR blogs in Spanish.

Optima Infinito by José Miguel Bolívar offers pearls of advice mixed with experience -in Spanish- on GTD (Getting things done), Professional Development and Productivity.

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